Friday, January 15, 2010

Mother's Hands

When I think about my own mother's hands, or about a mother's hands in general, there are certain characteristics I'd think of: soft, small, dainty, thin, long nails, little knuckles, and some nicely manicured. My own hands are pretty much just the opposite of any type of "feminine" hand I would think of. My kids are going to have interesting memories of their own mother's hands!

After since my oldest was a baby, I've suffered from constant eczema on my hands. It is sometimes not bothersome, but in the winter and especially right now during a flare-up, it's quite unbearable. My fingers are all cracked and itchy, swollen and red. I've tried all sorts of medications, lotions, and even dietary changes, but still the eczema plague continues. Washing dishes can be excruciating, and simple things like tying shoes are a challenge. I can't even attempt to apply normal lotions or hand about stinging!

I also have the great gift of double-jointedness. My fingers will not straighten normally. They bend backwards and flex strangely. Add a life-time of knuckle-popping and there you have some messed-up hands!!!

But yesterday I met my "knight in shining armor". We'll call him Tree Winn, and he's a Harvard-trained dermatologist who made my day. Not only was he able to see me on a few-hours' notice, but after describing my symptoms, he looked me in the eye, and said, "we're going to fix this." Just what I wanted to hear! I almost started crying!

Now, eczema isn't really curable but we will get it managed and have a plan in place so it doesn't get this bad again. It's actually not the worst it has been, imagine having water blisters covering your entire hands...I had to wear gloves for days and take oral meds to get that cleared up many years back!

So if you see me wearing medical gloves or failing to wash my hands in a public restroom, if my dishes are stacked high and my toilets need scrubbing....well, I have a good excuse! And Walgreen's sure better have my prescriptions ready this afternoon! This mama is ready for some healed-hands...


Kimberly said...

Blaire, whatever treatment you're undergoing, I hope it works. Both Joshua and David have ezcema, Joshua's is mostly under control, but when David ignores his too long (esp. during the cold snap we had last week), it flares up so bad...he'll go through a 4 oz tube of hydrocortisone cream in 2 days just to try and alleviate his skin. Keep us posted...I'd like to hear what your doctor prescribed!

Blair said...

Kim, here are the meds: -Desoximetasone steroid ointment
-Tetrix cream (non-steroid) kit includes CeraVe cream as well
-Doxepin oral as needed

Also using lots of Aquaphor and keeping non-latex non-powdered medical gloves on most of the day.

They are feeling so much better this evening! I can also get you the dermatologists name if you need it. He was great.

Unknown said...

Thank God for the gift of wise doctors! I am happy for your plan - I hope you heal up FAST!

Lindsey said...

Oh Blair, this sounds so good for you!! I'm very happy. The doctor sounds like he really wants to get to the bottom of this and help you solve this painful issue that you've lived with for years. God bless him, and I pray for your healing!

PS--my hands look nothing like my mom's! She has those long, narrow nails, always well-manacured. Mine have square nails with ridges, pudgy fingers. I hated my hands when I was young but I like them fine now. :)

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