Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Along the Alphabet Path--Letters M, and N

I know I don't have to state it again, but my Alphabet Path inspiration is flailing. I don't have the energy to order all the books, plan the fun crafts, and everything I was doing at the beginning of the year. The month hasn't started but I'm already feeling that "February Funk" and ready for some changes in our homeschool routine.

I just purchased the Mother of Divine Grace 2nd Grade Syllabus and am very excited about adding some more subject areas, and having this framework to go by. Not sure when we'll start that, likely after the tax return is here, LOL!

But here are some more of my meager attempts to continue our alphabet plans. I'll have "O" up soon and this week we're taking a break so maybe I'll have some creativity for P week!

M is for....
Mary Clare! It was her birthday week,
so it was filled with making special plans for her big party.


I checked out nearly every Madeline book our library system offered. We had so much fun reading them all! Mary Clare is very much wanting to learn French after all this Madeline and watching those videos of little Capucine.

We made crepes with our French theme (didn't turn out so good, very rubbery)

and a Madeline lapbook,

which included some coloring pages, World and European maps, the French flag, and a narration about one of the stories.

I'll also include our floor Map that I painted which got lots of use that week!

N is for...
Noah's Ark

I bought a Martha Stewart Noah's Ark craft kit at Walmart awhile back. It included pipe cleaner animals, which unfortunately were a bit hard for the kids to make. But we tried and had fun!


Mary Clare was very excited to start the thank-you cards for her birthday and did a handful the first day or two. BUT. I am horrible with written letters and have not helped her complete these or address any of them. I brought them to my parents' house over the weekend and forgot them there. She did a few without my supervision which need to be redone. I am worried this will be another set of thank-you cards that are started but never finished.

To all our friends who made her birthday so special, THANK YOU. I am sorry that I am so bad with mailed letters and hope you know how much she loved every single gift she received.

So...that's all I've got for the Alphabet Path for N. Not much.
O will be better though!


Melissa said...

Blair!!! Are you crazy?! How can you say your inspiration is are doing some WONDERFUL things along your alphabet path!!! I love the whole French Madeline theme--you even made a lapbook! I think that we as mothers/teachers are our own worst critics, but I, for one, think you are still doing a lovely, remarkable job!!!

I do have to agree that I was much more enthusiastic and creative in the beginning too, though, LOL! I was just telling Darren two nights ago that I feel like I'm failing our kids by not doing enough for/with them. I'm really thinking that next year we'll have to go with something more structured, too, but we just couldn't afford it this year which is one of the reasons I fell in love with the alphabet path to begin with. It gave me the opportunity to pull together all these wonderful books we already had and actually USE them! ;)

Hang in there, Blair, and have faith that you are doing a great job! You have amazing kiddos, and you are a WONDERFUL mom and teacher! My mom reminded me of something yesterday that might help your "February Funk": Ash Wednesday is already coming up on Feb. 17th! Maybe during Lent, you can scale back to just a couple basics (math and copywork, maybe?) and focus more on Lent and preparing for Easter. I remember that last year we followed the Lenten bible study that Jessica had shared on her blog and I'm hoping to do the same this year, although all of my planning skills have been put on what feel like permanent hold! If you scroll through these posts, though, you'll see her Jesus Tree (we just did the bible readings and coloring pages):

Or you can check her sidebar under the Lent category.

Wish we lived next door to each other, sometimes your posts remind me SO much of myself! We'd have a great time schooling our little ones together. :)

Blair said...

Melissa, thank you so much for this kind comment. It really meant a lot. And I love the Jesus Tree idea! Going to see if I can still order it!

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