Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The coughs...

Look at my Ellie girl! My kids are always prone to coughing spells. A simple cold virus gives them a cough that seems to linger and linger. They've had coughs lingering on and off since early December, and are hopefully at the tail end! Steven Joseph had the fever for a few days last week and antibiotics seemed to clear him right up. Ellie has now had a dry cough and fever.

We've tried everything! Nebulizer (as seen here; love the goggles; she says it stings her eyes), inhaler, cough meds, tylenol, shower steam, cold night air, humidifier, etc etc. Last night I was finally able to get a new humidifier and the Benedryl that the pediatrician suggested...and it was the best night in quite awhile! Not sure if that's because the cough is an allergy and reacts well to the med, or because the Benadryl just knocks her out/relaxes her enough to stop coughing!

With our First Friday classes approaching, along with Steven Joseph's heart appointment, and Mary Clare's party...we need to get rid of this thing quickly! Hopefully today will be a better day.

The kids have cabin-fever and behavior issues are exaggerated. Toddler throwing tantrums, Big girl throwing fits about doing schoolwork. Hopefully we'll get into the swing of things soon and enjoy this new semester. I'm looking forward to getting through this appointment (although dreading the news at the same time), and enjoying the weekend with HEALTHY kids!

Any good cough/cold remedies that work for your family?


Stephanie said...

We have severe cabin fever over here too! It's too cold outside!

We run humidifiers every night in our kid's rooms during the months with the heater on. I hope it provides some relief to your little ones!

Soutenus said...

We had tremendous success by ridding our house of chemicals. I didn't even know about many of the hidden chemicals. I am an avid believer in how this reduces or eliminates colds, asthma, breathing problems, migraines, regular headaches, fatigue, etc.
I believe in the results so much that I started working with the company that helped us!
I can send info or links if you want.

Peggy (from BoL and Catholic Notebook

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