Friday, January 08, 2010

Steven Joseph Heart Update

Thanks so much for all your prayers and well wishes for our appt today.

He slept through the entire cardiologist appt. Dr. listened to his heart but didn't do scans. Said to come back in a year for scans here at local office, then sedated MRI at the children's hospital, followed by appt with surgeon in early 2011. Hole in his upper left chamber has 0% chance of closing, is about 1cm, and in a unique location, so a catheter procedure would never be an option. It likely wouldn't affect him until adulthood, but surgery is usually done before school age. So he will need open heart surgery at some point (up to us), around 4yrs old is recommended. So it may be about 2 yrs or more before surgery. We will get more info on that from the surgeon before making a decision on when to operate.

Thankful it went smoothly, glad that we have a better understanding of the condition, glad it is nothing urgent, but of course still discouraged that he will need to face this surgery at some point. Thanks for all your support. Continued prayers for all those with heart conditions, especially those with more serious and urgent problems. Thanks so much for all who joined in my prayer campaign!


Soutenus said...

We will keep praying! Glad to hear it was not traumatic for him! Sleeping through the appt is great, right?

Peggy (from BoL and A Catholic Notebook)

Lisa said...

I had heart surgery at age 3. It was to correct a heart murmur that I was born with. The only thing I remember is getting ice cream with my daddy and a bear that was given to me from the students in my dad's class. :)I think I only remember those things because I've heard about them from my parents. I will pray that everything goes good for your little boy. It is sad to have to watch your own children go through something like this.

Neen said...

I am so glad that you were not rushed into surgery today. That happens so often with heart babies. I know you must be a little discouraged by what you heart but it really is good news. The fact that he can wait until his heart is bigger and his body can handle stuff better is great news.

When Morgan had her surgery we saw so many others that were not as blessed as we were with her and as you are. I know it doesn't feel that way but God has given you such a gift. It is a small "club" of heart babies. I promise you they are the most special kids that you will ever meet. They are strong and happy and they seam to all be peaceful.

Morgan's story is here:
I wrote it years later, and it goes on and on; but I still find that I grow so close to God when I think about that time in our lives. He must love you so much to ask this of you.
Your family is in our prayers!

ViolinMama said...

YEAH he slept the whole time. And AMEN you have time before the big surgery.

I'll be praying for continued healing, strength and patience. Who knows how things will advance in 2 years with open heart surgeries - so much to be hopeful for perhaps?

Much love!

Jessica Gordon said...

We will add him to our prayers!

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