Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tiny Treasures

Lerin hosts the Tiny Treasures Tuesdays
which I have yet to participate in, so here's my first attempt, a day late!

Miss Mary Clare, age 6.75--

My Mairsie Claresie is having a pretty good time with homeschooling this fall! Last year was quite the transition...she never wanted to do her work. But this year she is enjoying all our crafts and library books and artwork. She looks so old with those big front teeth and short hair! She lost her 8th tooth last week. Her reading and writing are really coming along, and I'm very happy with the Sound Beginnings program (I'll be writing a post about that soon). She is very creative and really gets involved with all our arts and crafts projects. Then she comes up with her own fun games and crafts with her sister. She has been so helpful with the baby I'm watching. She recently started her little homeschooling girls' groups, Little Flowers and the Pickwick Society. At Little Flowers they study saints and virtues, and at Pickwick they learn to be a lady, doing sewing and embroidery projects. I'm so proud of my big girl!

Elizabeth Ann Marie--age 4.4

Our Ellie is also enjoying the year of homeschooling. She is very interested in the books and is always wanting to do things like her big sister. But we've found she's quite the perfectionist. If an art project or handwriting assignment doesn't look the way she likes, she will sometimes crumble it into a ball and start crying. We're working on that! Ellie is always making us laugh with her funny little sayings. Yesterday we were learning about elephants. Tusks, she said, were made of "ivy" and she prayed last night "for the elephants who died." She cannot help but dance when I put music on. It's like it's in her blood. The other day, Mary Clare stated that she didn't want the Flower Fairy CD played because it's for babies, but Ellie claimed that she couldn't help from dancing when it was turned on! We've been having our own little ballet lessons, which I might be brave enough to post on here...we'll see!

Steven Joseph Jr--21 months

Oh my Joey-boy! (I tend to call him Joey or JoJo a lot) He is still keeping me on my toes! He is learning new words each day which is usually so fun for us to hear. The other night he took bread off of my dinner plate and when I asked if I could please have it back he yelled, "NO! MINE!" He's started with 2-syllable words now like mommy, daddy, baby and choo-choo. I know I say this every time, but he really, really loves balls. I've realized that we usually have 2-3 balls in each room. He just loves throwing them and playing catch with Daddy! When we were doing ballet in the living room the other day, he kept trying to hand me a soccer ball to get me to throw with him! He also loves wearing baseball caps like Daddy. He can sometimes be very shy and sensitive; he dislikes getting sand in his shoes or water on his shirt! It will be so much fun to watch him in the coming months as he continues to learn new words and grow into his own little person!

So those are my tiny treasures! What's the latest in the lives of your little ones?


Elizabeth said...

So sweet! They are growing up so fast. Seems like just yesterday Mary Claire was a baby!

Neen said...

You got great shots of each one. Those really seam to capture their personalities. You have such beautiful children!

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