Sunday, September 20, 2009

Along the Alphabet Path--Letter C

Using Lesson Plans from Serendipity and ideas from Jessica, here was our 3rd week of homeschooling!

C is for...

Colored paper collage


best sugar cookie recipe!
used our alphabet cookie cutters
(with icing and sprinkles!)

St Cecilia and the Columbine Flower Fairy

Stories, St. Cecilia color page, and letter tracing for the preschoolers

St. Cecilia and St. Clare wooden peg dolls!

(I finally started painting our wooden peg saints!)

books we read:
My favorite was the one on the top left,
Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons

this page says:
"Greedy means taking all the cookies for myself.
Generous means offering some to others."
Each page has a virtue and explanation that relates to cookies. So cute!


loved this book too! made a paper plate cat

and other weekly doings, which happened to go with C...
Candy-Covered pretzels


and Charlotte Mason book Club :)

Also of note to other moms out there is Charlotte, who started the "boy-style" Alphabet Path with her son last week!


Gae said...

Dear Blair,
What a lovey week.
We have just completed A week with our younger 2 little girls. We are loving it. I have enjoyed looking at your blog. Very Lovely.
God Bless

Jessica Gordon said...

OHHHH!!!! Your little painted Saints are ADORABLE!!! =)

Looks like you all had a wonderful week!

Lindsey said...

CUTE! Classy, crafty, and clever! ;)

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