Friday, September 25, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

One of the kids got the camera the other night, so I'll use their shots as our quick takes for today! Here's what I found on iPhoto on my next upload...


They found 2 of these cool flowers in the backyard the other night (before I learned to use the weed eater and mow the lawn the next night!). Anyone know what it is? It stayed alive in a vase on the kitchen table for several days.


This is a glow bracelet. We went to a free symphony concert last Friday night and our friends brought some of these, which were a huge hit for all the kids and kept them busy when Chopin and Tchaikovsky weren't providing enough excitement to the under-7 crowd.


These are the scissors and comb that were left on the patio table after our big haircut for SJ the other day. Daddy tried to cut his bangs, and then Mommy had to fix things a bit. I had to sadly say goodbye to the long bowl cut for now. Maybe by Christmas it will grow back?

Here he is sporting his new 'do first thing in the morning! I try to keep it gelled to the side since his bangs still look a little funny...(And this photo was taken by me, not to be confused with the random photos I found on my camera! I love how he's actually learning to pose and smile cheesily for the camera!)


Little man is still obsessed with balls. Someone must have let him play with the golf club outside. If you ask him about balls, or he sees a ball, he immediately starts babbling about DADDY this, DADDY that. They are two peas in a pod, those two!


Last weekend we went to an open house for a huge family gym with indoor/outdoor pools and all sorts of fancy stuff. What did the kids like most from their visit? These mini plastic cups for mouthwash from the restroom. Can't believe they made it home and into the photo shoot!


What kind of mother lets her daughter buy these kinds of hideous things at a thrift store? Hopefully they'll get lost soon ;)

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Melissa D. said...

I love the shoes from take 7. Even with Connor I'm already starting to feel the difficulty of giving up control to allow your kids to make choices that you wouldn't make. I can't imagine when Carolina Grace gets a little older . . . I am having sooo much fun dressing her right now. :)

Lindsey said...

I'm guessing it's some sort of native spider lily. I'll see what I can find.

Cute post!

Lindsey said...

My first Google hit found this:

Also known as "Surprise Lily."

Interesting tidbit: "This is one of my all-time favorites. In this neck of the woods, we call this "Hurricane Lily" or sometimes, "Surprise Lily" for the obvious reason, judging from the other feedback here.

Typically, it blooms during peak hurricane season, often after a lot of rain is dumped on the area in a short period of time. "

I would try to dig up the rhizome and plant it somewhere in your landscaping so you can continue to enjoy it. :)

Jill said...

Aslynn would go nuts for those shoes. She's all about sparkles, glitter, flowers, jewels... :)

I always enjoy your 7 quick takes!

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