Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Homeschooling Mamas

Last night I hosted a Back to Homeschooling social...
Got out my grandmother's china for the first time ever!

and the table spread looked like this

Yum! This grub kept some of us mamas going strong
'till around 2:00 IN THE MORNING!

Us homeschooling mamas, we're some party animals!


candyspirit said...

I love the clever idea of the birdhouse lamp at the buffet table!
quite a nice touch if I do say so myself!
It all loooks simply splendid!

Love, MOM

Neen said...

Wahoo! I am still tired, but very very thankful for the night of friendship.

Lillian said...

OH!! I should have driven up to join you ladies! I love staying up 'till 2am chatting! ;-)

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