Friday, June 08, 2007


Mary Clare requested she be video taped for the blog tonight. Here's what happens when the girls are up too late and get the giggles! And yes, she's saying TGI Fridays, since she asked me what word was on the cup she was drinking from. I thought it was kind of appropriate as we finish out the week...Thank Goodness It's Friday!


Lillian said...

Blair! That foyer must be a natural place for plays and recitals. If only those floors could talk, you'd hear tons more singing and dancing! So glad your kids are making the same kinds of memories! It was very sweet watching your girls. Brings back a TON of memories!

Clarissa said...

The cutest thing about this video is that Marie Clare has on her headband and Ellie her "wop wops" how adorable!!!!

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