Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Another Accountability Confession

This is my pile of CLEAN clothes that needs to be put away. I won't say it'll be done today since we've got swim lessons and dinner and still another load or two to wash. Hopefully tomorrow. This is why I liked Kristen's simple living ideas...we need less clothes!


Anonymous said...

This looks like the pile in my bedroom and the one in the boys' room. I can sympathize. Pregnancy and laundry do not mix well in our home : )

Em said...

Okay. Can you keep doing this? Pleaasseee? When I get done moving I am going to put a few posts of my own up. Let's just tell it like it is... that way if any bloggers show up for an unannounced visit I can actually open my door.
Awesome, Blair!
At least your laundry pile is semi-contained in a basket on the floor. Up until Lillian's post a few weeks ago ours was on our guest bed. It is a full size bed and would sometimes have a pile covering the entire surface and about 3 feet deep! How's that for welcoming?!!!

Anonymous said...

Now I'm sure I'm not alone! My pile usually covers our guest bed too (Emily) or the bedroom floor of one of the bedrooms. I feel better knowing it's not just me that seems to be overwhelmed by the mountain (constantly in my case!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Blair, for the reality check. I've been looking at the same two overflowing baskets of laundry for about a week. I always feel like such a failure when it comes to housekeeping, but now I'm learning to lower my standards and not worry about it so much! Thanks for being so honest and helping me feel better about myself.

God bless!

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