Saturday, June 16, 2007

Headbands and Flip-Flops

My girls have several little "signatures"...They each have their blankeys (Ellie's is called her "ray-ray") and Mary Clare sucks her thumb with hers, while Ellie sucks her two first fingers. They frequently carry dolls around on our different adventures. They are usually in matching or color-coordinated outfits (I have a color thing. Still trying to figure out how to match us today!). But they each have a "signature" that has been making me laugh recently...

Mary Clare has wanted to wear a headband in her hair for as long as I can remember. Now this doesn't mean she wears only a headband, because in that case her hair gets tangled and sprinkled with food and it still ends up in her face. No, Mary Clare wears a headband with whatever hairdo she has, usually ponytails, pigtails, etc. When she awakens in the morning, and as soon as she leaves the bathtub, she must find a headband. It's her little signature! And no matter how many times I try to hide them or discreetly remove them from her head after fixing her hair in a nice 'do, she manages to find another to wear!

Ellie's current signature is her obsession with Mary Clare's turquoise Old Navy flip-flops ("wop-wops" as she calls them). They are a few sizes too big, but she insists on wearing them wherever we go. Right now she is laying on the floor with her blankey wearing only a diaper and the flip-flops! She wants to sleep in them and when she awakens in the morning she panics while trying to locate them around the house. She has thrown a fit the past several times we've gone to mass because I make her put on her regular sandals. And this week when my cousin was visiting, her 2 1/2 year old daughter kept trying on the flip-flops when she found them lying around, both Ellie's as well as Mary Clare's or my flip-flops. Ellie would fall to the floor sobbing, saying "Mer-Mer's wop-wops!!!" or "Mommy's wop-wops!!!" It was kind of funny watching her reaction. This week we also went to an art class for our homeschool group. Surprisingly, Ellie decided she wanted to wear her "tor-shoes" (tennis shoes). But not surprisingly, she carried the flip-flops around the whole time we were at the art class!

What "signatures" do your kids have?


Lillian said...

Sophia is into headbands too! She does the same as Mary Clare, wears them with ponytails.

Isabelle is obsessed with earrings. Always matching them to her outfits. And never goes anywhere without her cd walkman.

Anna doesn't really have a signature. Poor thing loses all her money, wallets, earrings, hair things. She's usually sad that she doesn't collect anything or have a favorite something. She's very low maintenance ... too low! LOL!

Kolbe wears his underwear backwards! Says they're more comfortable and he likes the picture to be on the front! Makes sense?!

Catherine doesn't have any ... yet!

Great post!

Andrea said...

They are too cute, Blair! I love the word "wop-wops!" hehehehehehe

I don't think my girls have any "signatures" yet....

Melissa said...

Too cute!

Dylan has a book with him at all times. He sleeps with at least two or three tucked carefully alongside his pillow, sets them aside briefly at mealtime, and takes them with him in the van. It's never the same one, he just LOVES books!

Neither of my girls really has a "signature", but Caitlyn has become quite obsessed with shoes. She goes back to her room as often as every fifteen minutes to change into a different pair! Drives me nuts. :)

Kristen Laurence said...

That is so cute, Blair! I wish Gianna would wear a headband, but they hurt her head behind her ears (so she says). They're so adorable on little ones!

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