Sunday, June 24, 2007

Aggies on EWTN!

(thanks for the reminder, Lillian!)
Click here to read about Aggies on Life on the Rock, but more importantly, a pro-life documentary called beingHUMAN, which will air tomorrow, Monday, at 5:30pm central on EWTN (a worldwide Catholic network, which airs in many cities and can also be watched streaming online here). Here is a description from the Coalition for Life's website about this amazing program:

The first episode, beingHUMAN: 40 Days for Life, is a call to action for the National 40 Days for Life that will occur this fall across the country from city to city. In the Fall of 2007, communities will be taking their faith to the streets to bring Christ's love to the sidewalks of abortion clinics for 40 days of prayer and fasting. National leaders, media outlets, and grassroots organizations are strategically organizing for this massive effort. One national leader stated, “This campaign could accomplish more in 40 days than one entire decade since Roe vs. Wade.”

Let's see if I can put clips here (the 2nd being one of our favorite priests from Aggieland!):


Stephanie said...

He married us. :-)
Thanks for the reminder, I'm going to put this up on my blog too!

Andrea said...

Thanks for posting this Blair. I can't watch it tonight, but I hope they archive it. I appreciate you posting the link to the streaming video. I didn't know they had that!

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