Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Little Fishies

I've always loved summer days at the pool and I'm glad the girls are as giddy as I am to jump into their wagon and walk down to the pool a few times a week! Yesterday, since our car is back in the shop and we're stranded at home, we even went to the pool TWICE! I remembered my camera the 2nd time...

Mary Clare ready for swim lesson

Ellie watching, with flip-flops of course

Yesterday the teacher had MC swim to her (instead of holding her while she kicked). She was instructed to kick hard enough to get your mommy wet. She did pretty good!

We'll see if the weather holds up for lessons today.
We'll see if I get the courage up to start conquering the laundry pile.
We'll see if I'm brave enough to post some more pics of my "problem areas"!
And we'll see if I get a chance to post a pic of Steven's new company truck. We are all SO excited! Especially since I'm carless this week, and this truck fits us all :)

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Em said...

Go, Blair, Go!

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