Friday, June 22, 2007


Nah, not totally sleepless. Just a couple hours in the early morning where I don't feel quite right. A little snack and a good surfing on the internet gets me nice and tired enough to sleep a few more hours. I think it's a glitch with getting off the nighttime progesterone supplements. Although I'm still exhausted all day...

In other news...the laundry pile has gotten worse. It's a mountain that just can't be climbed at the moment. I'll get up the courage. Just not at 5:30am when a child sleeps in there (the master bedroom that is, where most 4 year-olds sleep!).

So, I've heard of kids that roll around in their sleep. But literally, Ellie is not happy unless she's rolling around the carpet of this computer room. There is a queen sized mattress on the floor with no one on it, more than enough room for a little 2 year-old! But she must be free, not only from the bed, but also from any clothing besides a diaper. Ah, the terrific twos!

One of her new favorite phrases is, "No talk, Mommy" (or no sing, no watch, etc) as she puts her finger on her mouth or my mouth. She likes to pretend to have her own "fwee yessa" with me when Mary Clare is in her swim lesson. But I cannot tell her to kick her legs. Nor can I watch her when she's concentrating on floating while holding the edge of the baby pool. She also doesn't care for me to sing during movies that she watches. I am so loved!

As far as car repairs, Orpah the Odyssey (our minivan) is still hospitalized. They cannot seem to find a reason for her transmission malfunctions. They're trying one last idea, we'll see if it works. I'm very doubtful. But we'll hopefully be rescued from our home imprisonment by my parents today. And we will have Steven's new truck to drive around this weekend if Orpah is not delivered back home.

That's about all the news here. I'll leave you with two pictures of Ellie the goggled-girl and Ellie the floor-sleeper. Have a great day, everyone! I'm headed back to sleep :) while my hardworking hubby heads off to work...I love you, honey!


Em said...

The goggle picture is so cute!
Hang in there.... our house is always trashed and laundry undone during first trimester. I usually have to meet people on the porch, if I am feeling well enough to get up off the couch to answer the door. This too shall pass. I am impressed at all you do with the girls during this time - you are such a great mama!
And about finnicky two year olds.... I could have written that part... even about not letting you sing - LOL. We always have someone over here with very specific ideas as to how the rest of us are to relate to her/him. God willing, we will have many more years with a 2 year old in the house. Oh, and God help us, too!

Celeste Creates said...

You can do it. The sudden summer heat doesn't help though. Remember, as I often need to, the laundry will always be there!

Blair said...

Yeah, I'm obviously not too stressed about it. I prefer to keep the dirty dishes out of the sink and the kids and clothes clean, before worrying about putting it all away! At least most of our messes can be hidden away in our bedroom (besides basic clutter); we surely wouldn't want to miss out on guests especially during our week w/o a car!

Kristen Laurence said...

Blair, those girls are just too sweet!

A "Hail Mary" for your Odyssey. I have three friends whose transmissions went out on those things. You might be able to negotiate a 50/50 repair deal with Honda. Just keep pressing them about it. I believe they've known about the problem for a while.

B-Mama said...

Hang in there through Ellie's two-year-old charades... We are enduring much of the same here, which is why it was so great to read your stories. lol!

Blessings, Bethany :)

Blair said...

Thanks, Kristen. Hubby tried to work that side with Honda, with the local dealer trying to plead our case too, but unfortunately got nowhere after many days. I'm not too stressed about this since it's under warranty w/ this repair shop (so we're not paying them any more). It's got to get fixed correctly at some point! We got it back yesterday, w/ the check engine light still on :-/ The saga continues!

Anonymous said...

Blair, just curious as to what doctor you're using for this pregnancy. If you'd rather you could e-mail from the BOL database.

~Sarah Gasper~

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