Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Slowing down

(ultrasound from 28.5 wks)

Baby boy is now almost 32 weeks! I feel like I'm in the final stretch and my body feels it too. Each pregnancy seems to get a little harder. There are parts of my life that are easier...I have independent older girls who are responsible and can handle their own schoolwork. They can babysit and cook, and they can get ready for their own activities and help the family get ready for group events and trips. I have a pretty happy-go-lucky toddler who is easy to please, and big girls that can help meet her needs. Right now I'm home resting with Ellie and Katie while the others are at a baseball game, and Ellie is taking care of Katie and feeding her dinner. It's so nice!

But there are other parts of my life that are a bit harder...I have two high needs and high energy boys, and I seem to spend most of my days trying to guide them back to their schoolwork and get them to clean up their many messes. Our school time is a constant lesson for me in patience and choosing-the-battle. One child cannot do his work without doing something else at the same time (eating, playing with a toy, throwing a ball, scribbling on the paper). The other is constantly whining. The nice cooler weather has them wanting to be outside a lot, which is great, except when they have schoolwork that isn't getting done! Right now in the midst of baseball season, they need clean uniforms, filling meals, and encouragement to get ready for practices and games. With Steven traveling, it's sometimes hard to manage the ballet and baseball schedules. My body gets worn out by mid-afternoon and often by evening I'm having contractions every so often.

Today was the day of my weekly progesterone injection and I think I feel even more tired, emotional, and hormonal on Wednesdays! But overall, I think I'm just struggling with how to balance everyone's needs and how to know when I really need to slow down myself and say no to certain activities. We worry about the preterm contractions, and yet I've never actually gone into labor before 37wks. But my OB said to try whatever I can to take it easy over the next few weeks, because getting to 34wks is so important for the baby.

So I'm working on saying "no" and accepting help from my parents and friends. I'm coordinating rides for kids when I can and focusing on the basics. The house needs a deep clean, laundry is stacked up, and the upstairs needs an overhaul, but everyone is fed, schoolwork is completed, and we're all healthy (besides my annoying head cold!). We have a fun beach weekend to look forward to. I just hope I can spend this Thanksgiving holding a sweet baby boy and feeling thankful I made it through these final weeks (and the c-section!). This baby and each of these kids are true blessings, and I'd do it all over again. I just might still complain on the blog a little! Thanks for listening ;)

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Kristen said...

Amen, sister! It is tough to have a tired pregnant (30-something) body and busy demanding family life. Right there with ya. It is so worth it though. ;) Hang in there! I will pray that all goes well.

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