Friday, October 07, 2016

Conference Weekend

Last weekend we ventured just up the highway to a lake resort where a Catholic young adult and family conference was being held. Our friends head up the group that put on the conference, and there were several other families that we know who attended. The focus was more on young adults, and the 800+ people were more in the early-mid 20s age range, but we still had a good time and were glad to get to visit a bit with some of the other families.

We registered in early August, but as the date got closer we realized that Saturday would be the first day of baseball games for the boys, as well as their team photos. We opted to still go to the conference, but to come back for games on Saturday and then head back to the resort late in the afternoon before mass.

Although we missed pretty much all of the talks and some of the fun family activities, we did get to attend the Friday night fajita dinner, outdoor kid games, and concert, the Saturday evening mass, BBQ dinner, and I got to hear a couple talks and some worship/Adoration time. Sunday was a day of rest and family time at the resort, so we spent about four hours at the pool area before heading back home.

The highlight of Friday night events was the outdoor concert, and our little dancers. Steven Joseph is quite the wild child when it comes to dancing at weddings and concerts. A person in the audience actually took this video of him and Katie Grace dancing, and I found it on Instagram. They were pretty cute!

A highlight of the Saturday events for me was the short time I spent hearing some talks and worship music with Adoration that night. Right when I walked in, the topic happened to be about how sometimes God needs to "cut us open" and fix our hearts from the inside. I think the word "scalpel" was even used. As I'm approaching my 6th c-section, this was a poignant analogy. It's a painful physical and emotional experience to go through a major surgery while wide awake, and yet knowing something so good is going to come out of it...a beautiful new baby! As it gets closer I definitely struggle with more and more anxiety about the procedure, our health, the recovery, and our family's future as regards more children. But God always teaches me some beautiful lessons in this. I am trying to take this aspect of my life and my motherhood and use it for good things.

Sunday was a day of fun as we enjoyed the mini golf, pool and water park there at the resort. It was nice to be able to sleep in and not rush off to early morning mass and Sunday school. I even snuck into the breakfast buffet for a little date with Katie Grace...I love a good breakfast! Although Steven and I didn't get to visit with friends much this day because of the logistics of where the table was and the kids were playing in the pools, we had a nice day ourselves and enjoyed some delicious pizza for lunch before we headed home! 

Some snapshots of the weekend...

I opted to go and check in with the kids since Steven was running late. It was quite an ordeal getting checked in and taking things to our room!

A little snapshot of the Friday night dinner area outdoors, lots of games, a bounce house, and tables to sit outside and enjoy visiting with friends while we ate some fajitas!

Saturday morning looking over the lake and the young people praying

Another angle of the hotel tower and the outdoor area where we hung out

Katie Grace on Saturday night after Mass, playing in the bushes

a kiss for big sis!

hotel room fun watching tv!

Another look over the lake with a young person praying, recalling those years when I would just sit in the grass and pray, read the bible, and journal.

my breakfast date who kept wanting to do "cheers" over and over again with our glasses

a little collage from Sunday fun out our hotel window and in the pools

It was a fun weekend and a nice little getaway for our family. Although we didn't get to attend our usual Fullness of Truth family conference in August, we're grateful that there was this nice conference just up the road from us where we could spend a little time with our family, our friends, and Our Lord!

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