Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Fall Baseball 2016

Little League has begun in full force! The boys had team photos and their first games this past Saturday. It's been quite the juggling act to figure out their practices in the midst of ballet classes, Steven's fluctuating work schedule, and a very pregnant Mommy! But the boys are enjoying it and hopefully the season will end before baby brother arrives!

Steven Joseph is on the Giants and this is his first year playing "kid pitch." He's getting to pitch and play lots of different positions.

Thomas is on the Orioles team playing tee ball. But unlike the last time when he played "k-ball," they are actually allowing them to score and get outs!

(my apologies to the photographers, but I cannot justify paying for professional photos every season, so we just take some from behind!)

Steven as starting pitcher at the first game!

Sliding back to 2nd (we were sitting between two fields watching both boys' games!)

Thomas helped get two outs as pitcher! You can see my mom and Katie in the background behind #8 doing the headstand!

He was pretty cute in the outfield too! You can tell his games require lots of focus, as he's standing with crossed legs in both of these photos ;)

I might complain about this baseball thing quite a bit, but I do have some happy boys doing something they enjoy! Here's to a fun season for both of these boys in orange!

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