Saturday, January 02, 2016


One Last Farewell
To my dear friend Beverly

One last farewell to your earthly shell,
That body which held such a soul,
Who gave and gave till the very end,
And the cancer had taken its toll.

The years before, they were filled with joy,
They were filled with remarkable grace,
You would never say no to an offer of fun,
There was always a smile on your face.

You were an encourager with words of love,
And a giver who always was there,
With a meal or a gift or a craft or a card,
And especially a prayer.

You walked ahead of me, forged the way,
In motherhood and in life,
Aggie, homeschooler, beautiful friend, 
A faithful and loving wife.

Most importantly, you were a woman of God,
Who stood for what was right,
You stood with the Church, you followed the saints,
Even in the darkest night.

You didn't complain or ask "why me?"
You took up your cross and went,
Your Calvary journey was paved with pain,
But in prayer that journey was spent.

Now we say goodbye as you're laid to rest,
On a day that would have been fun,
Your 50th birthday should be filled with cheer,
But a different crown you've won.

So we're counting on you to pray for us,
To guide us along the way,
We'll try our best to be kind and true,
Every moment of every day.

You leave a legacy of all things great,
Your children the best of all,
We'll love them and promise to always be there,
For your family whenever they call.

And on this day I must say thanks,
For the friend you were to me,
I'm going to try my very best,
To treat others the way you treated me.

Moulton, Texas 
December 29, 2015

1 comment:

Mary said...

A beautiful tribute, Blair!

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