Sunday, January 03, 2016

Christmas with my brother's family

My brother's family was able to come in from California this year! They were only able to stay a couple nights with my parents, but we were happy to get to see them over there, and to have everyone for dinner at our house on their last night in town.

The kids couldn't wait to open presents, and went at it so fast that we could hardly tell what was going on!

NeNe also got some little gifts for the stockings she has for them

We tried to get a decent family shot, but the weather was COLD and the tripod broke and we didn't set up the pose well and the kids were not cooperative! This was the best we could do.

Hanging out. Steven cooked a great prime rib meal for us!

And the kids enjoying their pizza!

The next night they all came over for a fajita dinner. Mary Clare started teaching Addison to crochet.

And the kids enjoyed their dinner while also looking at and discussing the map on the wall!

Hanging out

And this was the best cousin shot.

Even though it was a quick visit, we feel blessed to have been able to spend a little time with my brother's family this Christmas!

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