Thursday, February 06, 2014

Birthday Blessings

My birthday was on Tuesday, and we spent a nice quiet day at my parents' house. The kids did some schoolwork, we got takeout Mexican food, and they sang to me with candles on a cheesecake!  My parents got me some cute colorful measuring cups, Steven and the kids had picked out a nice new gold crucifix for my necklace, Steven's side of the family gave me cash for a housekeeper after baby arrives, and I also got this special delivery from my hubby...

And I finally got to open this set for baby and me...

We took Mary Clare to ballet in the evening, and the kids all went to sleep at a decent hour (not 1am for Thomas like the night before!). 

The next day we woke up and packed up to head to meet some friends for a fun afternoon and then to move to the lake house for a few more nights. One kind friend had us over for lunch and I was showered with gifts from my goddaughter and even a little cake!  Now that I think about it, I was sung to four different times...after the Superbowl with Steven's family, with my parents, with the K family, and then with girlfriends later that day. A definite shower of birthday love!

I'd planned a park playdate but the weather was so cold and windy that we ended up at another friend's house. She made a poundcake and I brought an RJ Goodies cake, plus another friend brought some tasty snacks. I think we stayed there until around 7pm before retiring back to the N family's house last night. 

Veronica and I with a Visitation moment!

Today was spent resting and at ballet all evening, and we're gearing up for a possible Valentines party tomorrow if the weather cooperates, and a Candlemas tea party here at the N house in the afternoon. Daddy should arrive in the evening and hopefully we'll be settling back into our cabin on Saturday. I've been getting lots of good rest and sleep this week, a bit relieved to be staying with people and not as worried about going into labor alone with all the kids at the cabin. It's been fun celebrating my birthday with all our loved ones. Thanks to everyone whose sweet birthday messages and prayers made my day!

A little bonus pic of Tommy with bed head playing with the toy kitchen this morning :)

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Neen said...

I hope that your birthday was wonderful. You look great. I only hope you and baby are doing well. I love the pictures.

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