Wednesday, February 26, 2014

7x7: What started the melancholy

How did my boys just go and grow up on me? This haircut on Thomas is just too much. He looks like a little muscle man! 

I'm pretty sure that Steven hesitated and shared about how his wife liked the bowl cut.  Maybe he even shared about how I'd just had a baby. And woman to woman, Miss Sports Clips, if the mom isn't there, then a nice trim into a little boy's cut would be appreciated. You still get the same amount of money, and you know you'll be helping out an emotional postpartum mom. Next time, okay?

Because this is a lot of hair. This is too much hair to remove from my toddler's head. You should have sent a Dum Dum lollipop for me, as I try to adjust to my 3yr old looking like he's 10. But I forgive you, Miss Sports Clips, and I forgive my husband, too. 

Speaking of my husband, his melancholy is related to this:

And this:

Now that we've spent two years in south Texas, Steven has less and less patience for the Houston traffic. I usually get one or more calls a day with complaints about it, wondering why ANYONE (his wife) would want to live in this city. I will admit, the traffic in this area is horrible right now. They're building the new ExxonMobil campus and doing all kinds of highway construction.

I am spoiled though, because no matter where we live, I don't have to drive across town every day. I just enjoy my little suburban life and don't have to worry about leaving the house very much. I have gotten caught in it a few times over the past year, and it really is frustrating. I can understand his melancholy. But I can also encourage him to try the tollway. And to pray that this traffic situation is better by the time we move back!


Andrea said...

Thomas looks so much like your husband with this hair cut! What handsome boys. :-)
That traffic is brutal. God bless our long suffering husbands.

JulieC said...

Oh Blair, He looks adorable!! I hope you're ok. He really does look so big now. Just snuggle Katie. She will be little for a LONG time! Peace for Steven in the traffic. It drives us crazy too!

Unknown said...

Oh - i totally agree. Houston traffic is absolutely the worst.

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