Thursday, October 24, 2013


We are happy that our home will be welcoming a little more pink!  Baby girl looks healthy and is measuring just a couple days past her gestational age. Now it's starting to feel more real; this baby has an identity, we can more easily brainstorm names, and I can even start to look at some precious baby girl clothes!

After my appointment on Monday morning, we picked up some pink balloons and arrived back to my parents' house to yelling and jumping. Steven Joseph was proud to be the first to see the pink in the car, and he ran inside to tell the girls.  Mary Clare had been on pins and needles counting down for days, so she was relieved to finally know that she did have the baby sister she had been hoping for. 

Tommy is ready to hold his baby sister right now, and Steven Joseph is accepting it. Mary Clare is claiming all baby duties as her own, "because I was the one who prayed for a baby sister." The girls think it has been the best year ever...a trip to Disneyworld, being cast as Party Girls for the Nutcracker, and now their dream of a baby sister has come true! 

After the appointment and making it back here for ballet class in a rainstorm, we left the dance studio to see a beautiful rainbow in the sky.  The girls said the day couldn't get any better. A true symbol of how my sweet girls were feeling that day!


Rebekah Es said...

So wonderful! So happy for you, the rainbow is the best, a little like God smiling along with you all!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! How wonderful!!

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