Monday, October 07, 2013

Little Moments

(Wrote this over a week ago, let's see if it will finally post!)

Phone blogging again here, some special little moments from the past few weeks. Our computer crashed this morning, so who knows when I'll be able to get the regular camera photos loaded so I can recap our vacation. At least the photos are backed up, but I sure hope we can get it working again!

Here are some little moments captured on the iPhone...

Clay creations

At our favorite road trip stop, Praseks

A fun bike passed down from the triplets

In traffic after co-op one day

Reading BOB books

She has taken over my sewing area

Somebody lost a tooth during a little fight with a big sister

A pretty sunset after a dinner out one evening
Napping with his shades 

 Nutcracker auditions!

Practicing making letters in salt

At Payless in Houston

During our late night at Target while locked out of the car waiting for a locksmith 

Out to Rico's with friends while visiting last weekend. 3 families (2 without dads) made 17 people!

A mom's night out on the island last week :)

First soccer game ever! (They lost 0-15 or so, we stopped counting!)

Beach cleanup for 4-H, the USS Lexington behind them

Free admission to the aquarium for the beach cleanup!

Tommy was so tired, on his tummy watching the fish!

Puppet show at aquarium learning area

Chasing the dolphin

Daddy and Tommy

Their new dry erase board

And taking advantage of the last day for swimming at the nearby pool on Sunday 

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