Monday, October 15, 2012

New House!

So I'm starting to recover from the shock about this house!  Last week at this time, we'd just returned from an evening open house, followed by a trip to the park and driving around looking at houses.  We were both feeling discouraged about our prospects of finding a home in this town.  The open house was nice, but a 3 bedroom on a busy street.  All the other homes in our price range required major work or updates, were on a busy street or backed up to a lake, and/or had virtually no backyard.

So on Monday morning when this house came up on my listing portal from the realtor, I immediately knew I wanted to see it ASAP.  Steven was about to go out of town but was able to slip away, and our realtor was able to get us in on short notice in between other showings he had that day.  We all loved the house, and we were immediately ready to make an offer.  That evening and the next day found us hesitating about the pricing and concerned about the number of showings and offers the house would have.

To make a long story short, by Thursday morning our offer was accepted, but I was still in shock and not ready to believe that we might actually get this house.  The idea of finding a house in our price range that was ready and fully updated was just not on my radar.  Not only is it updated, but it has 5 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, a huge yard, and is on a cul-de-sac street within walking distance to a Catholic church! 

Slowly, I'm adjusting to the idea that we might really be living in this house later this year!  Steven and I just kept giggling when we pulled up the listing again later in the week and noticed different things about the house.  We initially didn't realize that it comes with a huge stainless steel fridge (hopefully with a working ice-maker)!  It has an alarm and sprinkler system!

I thought I'd always want to live in a single story home.  I like living on the same floor as the kids and being so close to everything they're doing.  I like to know what they're getting into and I like that the little ones are just down or across the hall when they need us (sickness, bad dream, potty training, etc).  But recently I've started to feel different.  We have a loud family, and our rental home has almost all tile floors.  By the afternoons, my head is spinning and I am just wanting some quiet space for myself.

I watched or read something the other night about "reclaiming your home."  I think this is something that has slowly happened to us in the past few years, and maybe even more this past year.  Our bedrooms are all very close to each other, and so the master bedroom and bathroom have become a place where little people are randomly coming in and jumping on the bed, leaving piles of toys and books, leaving toothpaste everywhere, and refusing to shower anywhere else!  With such a large playroom right behind our main living area, and with large open doorways connecting them, everything feels like it's part of the playroom.

I hope that having our bedroom on the main floor, while the kids' rooms and playroom are upstairs, will help us to reclaim more of a quiet place downstairs for adults.  I love having a kid-friendly house, and I enjoy having friends over and having these large living spaces to share with them.  But I am also excited about restructuring our house in this way and reclaiming some spaces for ourselves.  And I really, really can't wait to have a quiet evening reading in my new garden tub.  That has been my dream for many years!  To get both a garden tub and an updated white kitchen with granite...this is one happy mama!

Okay, more happy reflections on home buying in the coming days.  Have a lovely week, friends!


Lillian said...


It looks gorgeous!!!! I would love to have a master downstairs away from the kids. I never thought I would say that because I always wanted to be near in case of something. But I didn't think about the fact that they do grow up and don't always need you near by. Congratulations! We'll make plans to visit after you move in!~

Andrea said...

Wow, Blair I'm so so happy for you!

There is something about home that settles a mama's heart, no?

I was like you as well and thought that I'd prefer to be close to the kids. In Wyoming, our house was like that and I never had any peace or quiet. My husband and I had a hard time coming by any semblance of privacy as well.

The new house we are buying...if we ever get to move only one story, but our room is way across on the other side of the house from the children's rooms (and we have a private porch). I can't wait.

So happy for y'all, what a great consolation. :-)

Blair said...

That's good to hear, Lillian, because I know we have similar parenting styles! I think it will be hardest to transition the boys to their own room, but at least they have each other!

We would love to have you guys visit there! And we will have a designated guest room with its own full bath. It will be a fun party house!

Blair said...

Thanks, Andrea! Yes, it is definitely settling my heart and giving us all something to look forward to! Having a little more privacy will be nice as well. Hopefully both our families will be enjoying a special Advent and Christmas season in our new homes!

Jill said...

Wow! So excited for you guys!

Kristen said...

So happy for you guys! I felt the same way about 1 story to 2, but we have loved it! It is especially nice when we have adult gatherings at night not to worry about children in the next room trying to sleep. They are all tucked away upstairs! ;) (I do sometimes still worry about fires...but I just pray a lot!)

Kimberly said...

The house looks beautiful Blair...I am sure God had a hand in your offer being accepted. Sometimes we just get the unexpected gifts, don't you think?

Stephanie said...

It's gorgeous, Blair, congratulations! As an owner of a house with the master downstairs and kid's bedrooms upstairs, I suggest you choose wisely which child will have the bedroom above yours! Consider him/her jumping up and down doing cartwheels/fighting dragons/blaring their radio/slamming closet doors when you might be trying to sleep! Or, if you have the option, make the room above yours the guest room. ;-)

Blair said...

Thanks, Stephanie! Actually there isn't a room directly above us. It's attic space next to the guest room. But the playroom (with wood laminate floors) is right in the middle, so I'm sure it won't be as quiet and tranquil as I'm dreaming :)

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