Friday, October 26, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
Road trip!  We got back at 11pm on Wednesday night from a little 6-day trip to Houston!  I left Friday afternoon with all the kids, while Steven spent the weekend on his annual camping and fishing trip on the beach with his nephew.  He flew into Houston on Tuesday evening for meetings there on Wednesday, and then we drove back together.  We had another fun, eventful trip and got to see lots of our good friends.  I did a lot of shopping for our new house and have a bunch of photos to share!

--- 2 ---
Here are the iPhone photos, collage done on
From our trip:
1st row: drive by an old family house, T scared of fan, E and NeNe reading, driving to IKEA with SJ, shy with the clown at IKEA.
Check out at IKEA-SJ: "I hate this store!," T loves Holly dog, fav fastfood at fav park, E stuck in swing at friends', Rico's with friends.
Fishing at Little Way farm, how to get the hook out?, ride on the Gator, posing with E's fish, T playing in the car outside the frozen yogurt place where roaches were flying outside!
Chuck E Cheese for bday party!  T rode with the mouse about 20 times and has the photos to show for it!
On my way to the airport I stopped to pray at the big Planned Parenthood while the boys slept in the car, they say it's the largest abortion clinic in the Western Hemisphere :(, me and my boy, Elmo saved us in the car ride home, and fun times at HEB!

--- 3 ---
Word verification.  I know lots of people have requested that bloggers take the annoying word verification off the blog comments.  I did it when I was changing my settings a couple weeks ago, but I started getting about 10 spam messages a day!  So I'm sorry, it's back to weird words for my blog.  I know it's annoying; I think I just had to try 4 to leave a comment on a friend's blog!

--- 4 ---
I got pulled over by a cop at 10pm with the boys in the car!  We had just finished a long dinner out with our friends, and I dropped the girls off for a little overnighter.  It took me about a mile to find a lighted spot to pull over, and the cop wasn't happy about it!  But, I wasn't tail lights were out!  Turns out it was a blown fuse which Steven finally fixed during a pit stop on our drive home.  I haven't been pulled over in about 10 years, so I was a little shaken up!0

--- 5 ---
A couple house purchases:

I bought the rug off Craigslist for our upstairs playroom when we move.  It's a really nice rug, but turns out it has a really nasty smell.  I hope it dissipates in a few days.  Also bought some new plastic dishes and placemats at IKEA.  Aren't they so colorful and cute!  I also bought some other kitchen goodies and some bedding.
--- 6 ---
All Saints' Day.  I have less than a week to put together costumes!  I guess this weekend will be the time for costume-making.  We'll have a St. Therese, Blessed Imelda, St. George, and not sure about Tommy's costume.  I hope my sewing machine survives.  I think it needs a cleaning!

--- 7 ---
Quiet weekend?  This weekend should be pretty low-key, with no plans other than a t-ball game and Nutcracker rehearsal.  And of course the costume-making.  Things will rev up once November arrives, so I'll be enjoying the "calm before the storm!"  I've actually been doing better with getting to bed before midnight and waking up early.  Hope it continues.  And hope you all have a great weekend!

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