Thursday, October 18, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
iPhoto collage of pics from the past week

--- 2 ---
Had probably our last trip to the Aquarium this season!  We've gotten good use out of that membership.  I'm guessing we went about 10 times over the past year, through every season.  We used the membership to get a discount for a homeschool science class, and for half-price admission the San Antonio zoo.  I feel so good when an investment pays off!  My kids know so much about the animals at this Aquarium!  I think they could be a speaker at many of the shows.

--- 3 ---
Will the house-buying actually go smoothly?  I just realized that if our closing date stays as-is, we'll be moving in less than 6 weeks!  I really can't wait!  We've enjoyed this rental home, and I came into it thinking we'd be here for a few years.  But there are lots of quirks just like we faced in our other home (probably the norm with houses 40+ years old), and now I'm allowing myself to think positive about how we won't have to deal with them in six weeks!  There were no big issues in the inspection yesterday, which is such a relief.  Hopefully the rest of the process goes smoothly, but I'm not so naive to think that there won't be a few glitches along the way.  Praying that they're minor ones!

--- 4 ---
Halloween and All Saints' Day.  When we first got married, I was determined to keep our holidays "holy" and had no plans of dressing the kids up for Halloween.  But just like many of the other ideals that we started with, once the kids got older and recognized the fun in Halloween or Santa or the Easter Bunny, how could we not play along?  The past 5 years we've enjoyed a lovely All Saints' Day celebration out at a family farm with dozens of homeschooling friends, and we've spent Halloween night with a potluck dinner and Trick or Treating with some of our close friends.

I wasn't quite ready to leave these traditions behind, but I guess it's time to move forward and embrace the new city.  With Halloween in the middle of the week it's just not going to work out to go back to Houston.  Instead, we'll be celebrating All Hallow's Eve (Halloween night) at our parish's big saint festival here, so the kids will dress as Saints and probably not go Trick or Treating.  I'm relieved not to have to plan two costumes, and to not be coordinating any big events.  But I'm still a bit sad to miss those two favorite traditions with our friends back home.

--- 5 ---
Nutcracker fundraising.  I guess it's a good thing that we've never had to deal with major fundraising requirements for any of the children's activities.  Well, that has come to an end and we're now required to sell hundreds of dollars worth of ads (or donations) for the Nutcracker program.  Steven gave me a list of contacts from work who may be willing to help.  But can you say....procrastination?  Do I make the kids call?  Do I make the calls? What do I say?  Could I feasibly take all the kids to call on these businesses (NO)?  What if I just typed up an email with their pictures?  Would people respond to that?  The clock is ticking...and I'll take any advice you have to offer!

--- 6 ---
Home decor!  I can't wait to get in our new house and fix it all up and make it our own.  I haven't decided if I want to paint a few rooms.  The bedrooms are all painted in neutral colors, so it's not urgent, but it might be easier before furniture goes in, right?  I'm planning an IKEA run this weekend for some nicknacks and bedding, and am hoping that as the move gets closer we can find some inexpensive used beds (frames, not mattresses) and bookshelves.  I'm not sure how we'll outfit 5 bedrooms, but I'm sure we'll fill them up with all our junk soon enough! 

--- 7 ---
I'm sure you won't mind, right?  A few photos of those neutral-painted rooms I mentioned.  I sure wish they'd leave us some furniture...or at least a few quilts!


This house is about to have a rude awakening with our crazy crew!  (And sure, I'll be back with some kitchen photos soon, per a request!)

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Unknown said...

OK. I love the way these people did the house! Gorgeous. It looks like a beautiful house! Want to see more kitchen photos!

TracyE said...

Congrats on the house and I must say, it's LOVELY!!! Having house envy at the moment...sheesh. It's ok. I'll get over it! ;-)

Erin said...

Praying all goes well in your move

Foster Mom said...

Congrats on your new house! First blogger linked at CD made this post easy to find!

Blessed and Broken said...

oops, that was from me

Laura said...

I'm so behind on wishing you a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on your new, gorgeous house!!! It is lovely, Blair! What fun! I'm so excited for you and all of the wonderful memories you will make with your family! Yay!

Blair said...

Yes isn't she a great decorator? We tried to ask for a couple quilts in our offer! I think they own an estate sale business. I'll put up some kitchen photos soon!

Blair said...

Thank you, Tracy! We're feeling very grateful to have been able to snatch this house up so quickly. It's much nicer than any home we've had, so we're just tickled that it's working out!

Blair said...

Thanks so much for the prayers!

Blair said...

Thanks, E. I get excited when I happen to notice it's almost midnight and I can add my link right away! I've been enjoying your blog :)

Blair said...

Thank you so much, Laura! We're feeling grateful and hoping it all falls into place!

Jenny said...

I would paint before moving everyting in. I know moving is enough of chore as it is, especially with little ones, but rearranging furniture and things and life is more so if you decide to paint after everything is in place.

Colleen said...

Your new house is so gorgeous! Like a magazine (obviously they didn't have small kids living in that house :).

Anonymous said...

Loving the house even more! Congrats!!! Love the picture collage too-how did you do that? Much Love!

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