Monday, September 24, 2012

Outdoor Expo

Last weekend, Steven Joseph's t-ball game was canceled due to an unkempt field.  It just so happened that there was a big Outdoor Expo at the same park.  And it was FREE!  We all had a great time!

Started with the bouncy houses and slides...

Then we walked around a bit...

And decided on paintball guns

The girls did great at rock climbing!

And then we all (except Steven) got a chance to ride horses! 

They loved the bow & arrow booth

And the boys were thrilled to get to shoot some inflatable wild animals with foam darts!

I love the way Steven Joseph was helping Thomas and was so excited for him!

We finished off with some time playing putt-putt golf while the girls had a last chance to rock-climb.  What a fun morning!  We had to drag them away!


Andrea said...

How fun! I love the pic of Ellie with the paint gun!

Rich said...

Just watch. Now your boys will make every object in the house some sort of gun and try to shoot things (or each other) all the time.

Ask me how I know.....

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