Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Motivation

I'm going to take it easy on myself this week.  It looks to be a challenging one, with an oil & gas expo taking place giving Steven many different events for work. We've now completed 4 weeks of homeschooling, although the first two weeks we just covered a few subjects.  Still, it feels good to get through the first few weeks and have our plans figured out!

We're starting to get into our routine, and have set in place a good reward system for the kids.  They've now started ballet, piano, and t-ball, along with our Friday morning homeschool group activities.  I opted to take the girls out of tap and jazz after the first week, since 2 days of ballet each are quite enough for now!  Hopefully they will be performing in The Nutcracker in December, which will be such a delight but also a commitment in the coming months.  It should be a fun fall semester!  Maybe we'll even find a beautiful home to move into ;-)

Goals from last week:
1. Get in bed by 11:30 and wake by 6:45
2. Try for 2 workouts this week!
3. Trash random iPhoto images and start Thomas' baby book
4. Schedule well-checks
5. Work out details for nature club
6. Order final curriculum items
7. Purchase a few electronic items, jazz shoes, and baseball cleats. Also go to Teaching Supply Store to check on TX History book, and look into online library system for reserving books.
8. Lots of classes/meetings this week: 4 dance classes, one CCD prep meeting, piano (both girls, yay!), one t-ball practice, and our first CCD (Catechesis of the Good Shepherd) and 4-H meetings.  Also our parish's anniversary party!
9. Prayer routines, pray about our family's and my personal prayer time goals
10. Meals: Crockpot Chicken shredded into enchiladas with yellow rice, Leftovers, Pizza, Chicken Tenders, Potluck for church party. 

Goals for this week:
1. Continue deleting random iPhoto images (not sure if it got a virus?) and start Thomas' baby book
2. Plan a family celebration for Thomas' 2nd birthday.  Gift and cake.
3. Schedule well-checks
4. Visit local teacher supply store and/or order final schoolbooks
5. Sort boys' clothes
6. Daily prayer
7. Daily Mass on Friday
8. Meals: Grilled steak, pancakes, rotisserie chicken wraps, chicken nuggets, spaghetti

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