Friday, October 08, 2010

Thomas William, Child of God!

On Wednesday October 6th, 2010 on the Feast of St. Bruno, Thomas William was baptized! It was an afternoon baptism, so in attendance were just my parents, Steven's dad, and some good family friends who stood in as proxies for our friends and godparents of all our children, the G family who weren't able to attend. Thomas did a great job until the very end of the ceremony when he started to cry. It was intimate, beautiful, and we were reminded about the precious gift of life and how this month is dedicated to respecting all life.

Here are some photos of the blessed occasion!

Father doing a reading while Thomas checks out NeNe and PaPa behind him!

Blessing his chest with holy oil

Thomas William, baptized in the Name of the Father
and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit!

Father led us in a song...
"Oh Happy Day, when Jesus washed our sins away!"

Visiting afterwards

BopBop is worn out from 2 weeks at the B house!
What a gift he was to me these past weeks!

Thomas in the "daddy hold"

Daddy with two "happy" boys! haha!

our family with Fr. Matthias

Father and Thomas

Then we were off to Aunt Jill's house to celebrate! She provided us with a wonderful Mexican dinner and almost all the Houston family members were able to come and meet Thomas!

NeNe with T3 (what some are calling him, since he's the 3rd Thomas in the family)

SJ and his friend J, fighting over a car.
This is a typical SJ whiney look!

Mary Clare enjoying running around with cousins and friends

Father talking with Steven's dad. My parents loving on Thomas in the background.

NeNe and PaPa with the little guy

kids enjoying chips and queso!

The best cake ever.
White buttercream from RJ Goodies, which will always remind me of my friend Kelly. Someone ordered one for her entrance into the Church, and then she required that we enjoy this cake after her funeral :*(
RIP Kelly. Wish we could share these events with you!

Adults hanging out in the backyard

Thomas was not happy about my wanting photos of him in this sweet little sweater romper before we left. Visions of Steven Joseph's Easter attire are coming back to me...

One of the favorite "man" cousins, Seth arrives just before we head back home.
The kids were thrilled!

And the first "man" cousin Mark, with the baby and with his mom Aunt Jill, the kind hostess.

A huge thank-you to Fr. Matthias, Aunt Jill, and all the family and friends who made this such a special day. Thomas is so blessed to be surrounded by such loving family and friends! Welcome to the Catholic Church, Thomas William. May you always be filled with the grace and love of God and the joy that we all experienced on this holy day!


Neen said...

Welcome little one. Congrats! Kelly was there for sure cheering on loving that baby.

veronica said...

Blessings to our newest Godson! Seeing these pictures makes me sad we missed his baptism :(

You look beautiful, Blair..and Steven looks so should be..welcoming your newest little bundle into the Church. How great is our God..a blessed day indeed!

theresa EH said...

ADORABLE!!! even little steven who is so grumpy :-(
THeresa in Alberta

Jill said...

Congratulations, Thomas and family. What an adorable boy, and an adorable family. Love the father and sons photo. In my experience, my boys just don't know how to ham it up for the camera as well as my girl. :)

ViolinMama said...

WELCOME THOMAS!! He's such a beautiful child of God. I loved ALL the pictures and the love on everyone's face. What a celebration!!

God Bless!

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