Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random thoughts...

Thomas' new talent at 4 weeks old: He can squirt poo across the bathroom in the middle of a diaper change! And at 1:00am, no less! That sure woke me up! I think we're starting to see some little smiles. He's growing out of his newborn clothes and diapers. Stop growing, Thomas!

Steven Joseph's attention seeking behaviors are getting challenging again. This morning he wanted Curious George fruit snacks for breakfast. Refused to take a nap. Cried for an hour at bedtime because...he wanted to brush his teeth, wanted the light on, wanted a blankey, wanted to watch Elmo on my iPhone, and on and on. He "needs a question for you" (i.e. has a million questions for Steven and I) all throughout the day, and today has enjoyed telling us about the t-ball game he went to watch with Daddy last night! My baseball boy.

Ellie is able to tune out my voice somehow. I can ask her something 5 times and she has NO CLUE what I've asked! She is obsessed with money, and houses with stairs. She keeps asking when we're moving. This girl is going to need a wealthy husband! She's doing great in her new ballet class; the director says she makes her smile :-) She's going to be a flower, and Mary Clare a weed, in the recital. They are already excited!

Mary Clare is so, so helpful with the baby. She loves him so much...as do the others, they want to hold him all throughout the day! But oh how she fights me on everything! I don't know how I'm going to survive the teen years with these two little ladies. It will be quite an adventure!

I'm trying to work on positive affirmations and praising the kids. I heard on the Duggar show the other day that we should praise our kids 10 times more than we correct them. Unfortunately I feel like I'm usually doing exactly the opposite. New goal for me!

My main man...I haven't seen too much. He went on a shark fishing trip over the weekend. Came home to the LifeTeen Mass adventure with 4 kids, one who didn't take a nap and was running circles and rolling around in the narthex. We miss Daddy at work every day; SJ asks for him each morning, sometimes in tears. But we're looking forward to some family time in the coming weekends!

I have a lot of projects in-the-works. Entryway is almost done, painting projects haven't been started, All Saints' and Halloween costumes being brainstormed (and might not need any sewing, yay!), a Montessori exchange is coming up this Thursday and I've got a project to finish for that ASAP! Tonight I cooked one of my first dinners since Thomas came home; we've been so blessed with meals the past few weeks. Tomorrow I'll be saved by "my Maria" and I'm much looking forward to that. My house needs a little pick-me-up this week, especially since I keep getting a whiff of dead animal odor throughout the day...I think we might have had another rat die in the attic!

So that's my random update for tonight. To remember the crazy days of learning to be a family of SIX! Our happy but chaotic life! Wouldn't have it any other way. I love my kids and my Steven so much!


Jill said...

Your life sounds like mine! The personality traits of your two daughters are rolled into my Aslynn. Funny about marrying a wealthy husband. Aslynn needs one too...She loves jewelry. She looks at ring catalogs and circles things that, 'Daddy can get me when I'm a teenager.' Ha ha!
Glad to hear about your chaotic life with four kids. Sometimes I wonder if I'll survive it. But, really I couldn't survive without the fun, chaos, and love of it all.
Although, I am happy to keep Louis right where he is for as long as he wants. ;)

Neen said...

I love the opening. I was laughing so hard I had tears. I can remember those days so well. At least he has skills.

Anonymous said...

OHMYGoodness!! I remember being young and also wanting a house with stairs...I was thrilled to have a townhouse with stairs when I was 29 with 2 young children, and jumped for joy when I moved into a bungalow 2 years later!!!! at age 50 the thought of stairs I want to cry ;-)
Theresa in Alberta

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