Tuesday, October 26, 2010

before and after-handpainted master



This is what paint can do! I painted the walls and hand-painted the striped and flowered "headboard" by hand, as well as the little doves by the window. I painted the two hand-me-down side tables white and found a barrel lid in the garage to paint the B initial which hangs above the bed.

A bed without a frame or real headboard can look just fine! As can hand-me-down or thrifted furniture with just a little bit of paint. We don't have any furniture items in the house that we bought new; all have been passed down one way or another, through family or strangers who are selling their treasures! Adding a coat of paint or some handpainted personalization can make an old piece of furniture or a boring wall something to smile about!

Today I'm linking up to the CSI Project:
Visit thecsiproject.com
in hopes that I can win some more paint to have fun with!


mommypoppins said...

Beautiful Job Blair!
I love the Color... and with the white it looks so FRESH

Nicola said...

Wow Blair, that looks great - a job well done! I am loving the colour!

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