Sunday, July 18, 2010

California Vacation Day 1

We're slowly recovering from such a fun week in California! Steven went back to work today, and we'll start back to homeschooling and regular life at home without Daddy. I've been slowly editing and uploading the photos so the family can print them, so I'll just post a day at a time here on the blog. The computer is not cooperating all that well, but can you blame it? I'm trying to load 400+ photos to Walmart's website and create a blog post as well!

Here's Ellie bright and early ready for our 7:30am flight!

Steven Joseph sat by Steven and me. The girls sat by my mom. Lucky PaPa sat on another row! Ellie was quite the "gabber," talking throughout both the flights. She is actually the only one who didn't fly as a baby, so it was her first plane ride!

Here we are at the San Diego airport

After going downstairs to meet Brice & Allison!

Take a look at the stroller '0 carseats! I'm sure we looked like quite the travelers with the kids and all our gear. One lady did make a comment to another traveler on the airplane, thinking I couldn't hear, about how the kids were cute and I was pregnant too...even though I already had "my boy!"

The first afternoon we went to check out the Navy base where Brice works

Here he's showing us some of the ships

And that was all the excitement of Friday! Stay tuned for the beach day next!

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