Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Just a couple shots to show our bedrooms when they're clean :)
And to show the girls' "new" twin beds and headboards. We still need to put them on the frame and footboard (and find some curtains!), but for now we're just loving the fact that they can go to bed in their own beds together each night. With another baby making its way into our life, our king size needs to keep its numbers down!

And for those who might want information about co-sleeping or might be worried about its safety, I received a link to this blog posting which has over 30 articles linked at the bottom. I didn't read them all but did find it interesting that co-sleeping might be twice as safe as cribs and may decrease the risk of SIDS. Guess we'll keep doing what works for us!
(But please note that I do not I think co-sleeping is the right option for everyone. It's definitely not. Just like homeschooling. But it just fits our family best. For now, we do what works. Tomorrow things may be different!)

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