Friday, July 09, 2010

And we're off!

When this posts tomorrow morning, we should be up in the air on our way to California! We are so excited! I still have some packing to do and rest to get...but I'm going to try to schedule a simple post for each morning while we're gone. Please pray for safe travels, healthy travelers, and if you could squeeze in a prayer for a working camera, that would be great! My new Nikon is having electrical problems but I didn't want to risk sending it for repairs and not having it for our big trip (it usually behaves after a half-hour break or so).

So for rock climbers!!! I was so proud of the girls for trying this at the YMCA the other night. How brave!

1 comment:

Colleen said...

Safe travels, Blair! I'm so sorry your camera is still giving you trouble. :(

And, I can't believe your girls climbed so high! They're very brave! Way to go Mary Clare and Ellie!

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