Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kitchen Mishaps

After last week's turkey fiasco, where I prepped the turkey only to find that the pan didn't fit in the oven...we've continued along the kitchen mishap journey...

Tonight we were ready to bake two apple cakes for Steven to take to work tomorrow. As always, something went wrong. We had no vanilla, and not quite enough pecans. So with the kids still running round the house at 9:30 pm after a fun-filled day at my parents'...I raced off to the grocery store alone.

Came back to find kids still running around the house (actually the girls were playing with their new wooden blocks and peg saints, playing "Extreme Home Makeover"--I should've listened longer to hear what kind of house the saints were getting!). Hubby had the batter finished, overflowing the KitchenAid mixer.

He poured it into the bundt pan as I warned..."was it supposed to be greased?" Of course it was, but you So in it went, I cleaned up the kitchen, and set the kids in front of a movie. After finishing most of my cleaning After I finally got tired of the toddler at my feet yelling "Mommy, You!" I went to sit with the kids and relax for a minute. But shortly thereafter I started to smell something...I looked into the kitchen....SMOKE!!!

After cleaning off the filthy mixer, I'd moved it over to the cooktop (ours is a flat range). Apparently I'd knocked one of the burners on, and then set the wooden cutting board on it. The board obviously got a nice big burn mark and our entire house got a nice big smoky haze. After airing it out for awhile the smell is starting to go away, although I'm sure it'll continue to linger.

After finally settling the kids in a less-smoky area, I came back to check on cake #1. Of course it wouldn't come out of the pan, so that one is all in pieces in a plastic container. Here's to hoping that cake #2 turns out good enough for him to take to work....because if it doesn't and I spend nearly 4 hours caring for these cakes and their fiascos...I'm not going to be a happy camper!

Wish me better luck with candy-covered pretzels tomorrow!


candyspirit said...

and I thought I was tired last night!!! whew!!!

Neen said...

I am so glad that I am not the only one. Thank you for sharing your adventure. Years from now your girls will be doing the "remember whens" and this will be one of them. You will all laugh and enjoy the memory. So don't look at it as a smelly up kitched, and burnt cutting board and a messed up cake look at it as creating a life time full of laughter. Good luck with the pretzels, if you are lucky you will giggle through them and they will turn out anyway!

Melissa D. said...

oh what a night . . .

One year we made chocolate covered pretzels when I was in elementary school. one method we had good success with was opening up a wire coat hanger stringing a reasonable number of pretzels on the coat hanger and then dipping them in the chocoate a couple of times. good luck!

Flour Blossoms said...

Hey Blaire, its Lauren (Lockard) Collins... If you want something fun to do with your "ruined" cake. Try making "cake balls." They actually call for a totally crumbled cake and canned frosting that you roll into balls and then dip in chocolate!

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