Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009 and prayer for SJ

Although it's always somewhat bittersweet to say goodbye to another year, and think about my children entering a year where they will turn 7, 5, and 3 (sounds SO old!)...I have to say that I'm not too upset about leaving 2009 behind.

Whether it be knee surgery for Mary Clare, heart diagnosis for Steven Joseph, hubby being without a job, losing my friend Kelly and my grandmother, and every manner of various illnesses, 2009 has not been the best year ever.

So as we enter into 2010, even though I am dreading the upcoming heart appointment next Friday for Steven Joseph (remember the Heart Campaign!)...I have hopes that it will be a year of new beginnings and newfound joys in our family. Please pray for us!

Some of my goals include: waking before the children, better homeschool planning, better meal planning, making a budget, and spending less time on the internet. That's 5 main goals, maybe I can try to re-evaluate each month.

And my prayer request for tonight (well, this morning since I am up at 2:00am with a sick baby) is for Steven Joseph who has a chest cold/bronchiolitis. We went to the doctor yesterday who prescribed antibiotics and breathing treatments, but his wheezing seems to be getting worse. Please pray that he improves! Thank you!

Here's little man who has been wanting to wear his sister's goggles in the bath!

Funny moment of the day: when your toddler comes to you naked (after being fully clothed, not sure how he got them off) with diaper in hand, saying "Mommy, BIG POOPOO."

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Josie said...

Oh Blair! About the poo poo issue. Marisa also started taking off her pj's and her diaper every night after we put her to bed. Problem is we end up having to change sheets each time. This is also a problem in the day. I traded in my velcro BumGenius for snap Fuzzi Bunz which she can't remove "as easily." She attempts to pull them down instead. Still searching for a night time solution. Snap pj's have been working over zipper pj's somewhat anyway. Prayers for SJ and his heart.

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