Sunday, October 11, 2009


I forgot my camera the first week, so here is the girls' second week back at dance class! Ellie is in a combo ballet/tap class, and Mary Clare and 2 of her friends join in the tap part before their own ballet class. They are having a great time so far and I'm so proud of their progress, especially Mary Clare with her knee issues from last year! Here are my beautiful ballerinas...

Ellie is now one of the older ones in the "Beginners" class. Here she is skipping with a flower bouquet and standing with her classmates along the barre.

She loves the little dance to "Jesus Loves Me" that they always do.

Playing outside with her brother after class.

A couple quick shots of Mary Clare. I didn't get many because the Director was helping with her class, and I was scared I was going to get in trouble for taking pictures; she's rather strict ;-) MC looks so old in her new leotard!

Hope you all had a magnificent Monday! Please continue to hold my friend Kelly and her family and friends in prayer as she completes her earthly journey. Thank you.

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Claire's Mom said...

Your kiddos are beautiful...these pics remind me of days of yester-year in drill team together!

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