Sunday, October 18, 2009

Along the Alphabet Path--Letter F

Here are highlights from our 2 weeks studying the letter F! We used the lesson plans from Serendipity and ideas from Jessica, and still feel like we could spend another week or two with F! A great letter for fun things like...

The Fuchsia Fairy and St. Francis

Coloring pages of the Fuchsia Fairy

We read Tomie de Paola's
Francis the Poor Man of Assisi
and made a Mini-book from That Resource Site about St. Francis
and St. Francis wooden painted peg saint

(unfortunately Diamond the Fish didn't make it to the end of F week. Died Thursday night after a water change.)

Here Mary Clare is reading One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
to the little ones in a Fire Engine Tent

Watercolor wash on fish colored with crayons

Reading The Magic Fish

Cut out magazine pictures of F items to paste in a big letter F

They painted Flower pots

F collage coloring sheet

We had a lesson on being a good friend. We listed ways to live out that virtue and drew a picture showing someone being a good friend. Mary Clare wrote some phrases under her drawing, while the littler ones just wrote the word "friend" or "Be a Friend"

F Art lessons...
"Roman Girl at a Fountain" and Feet pictures

drawing a Flower still-life

Our Favorite F Books!

and a favorite book of Fingerplays and Songs...
including songs like Where is Thumbkin and The Itsy Bitsy Spider,
and the favorite of the day...Ring Around the Rosy

We all fall down!

and to finish the week off....a visit out to Little Way Farm with our dear Friends, enjoying Fishing with father and Godfather!

(check back Monday for more fun farm fotos,
and also a recount of our visit to a state park this weekend!)

Now on to G week! We're also looking forward to H week, the week before Halloween! Lots of fun things to do!

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Charlotte (WaltzingM) said...

Oh wow! We are doing F week this week and now I'm going to have to find a place to go fishing! : )

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