Friday, October 23, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday!

We've finished 8 weeks of school! It's gone by really fast and I'm so happy with our fun Alphabet Path program this year. Mary Clare is almost finished with her first Little Angel Reader, so we plan to reward her with a special treat when she completes the last story next week. Way to go, Mary Clare!

We visited an old friend yesterday who moved to the other side of town. It's amazing how an hour drive easily doubles with kids who need potty breaks and food. I'm getting worried about our upcoming 8 hour drive to Oklahoma for a Thanksgiving Family Reunion!

My sweet friend makes hairbows for fun, so we left her house with a nice little supply of bows for the girls! And I left with a new craft idea!

My dear friend Veronica took a trip to Rome for her brother's ordination to the diaconate. Check out her photos!

Devin and Katie might be welcoming a new blessing. Go offer them a note of encouragement and prayer! What a gift and calling fostering and adoption is.


The All Saints' Day costumes are still stacks of fabric. Two days to go! Yikes!


One of our favorite breakfasts is a puffed oven pancake with powdered sugar. Tried a new recipe from Wildflowers and Marbles. It was a huge hit! Might have been that 3 tablespoons of butter. Check out her Montessori posts, such a beautiful schoolroom! I'm getting excited about the Montessori book club our homeschool group is starting!

Ellie turned 4 1/2 this week and is so excited to be closer to 5! Stevie turned 22 months, which is the month that I weaned both the girls. I don't think I'm very close to weaning the little man, especially if he is facing open heart surgery early next year (we'll know more in December). He's still my sweet baby boy and Ellie is still my baby girl...but how is she nearly 5 years old? Time flies too fast.

My Firefox browser crashed about 5 times while writing this. Now I'm logged in as Steven. Anyone have ideas about what the problem might be (I'm on an iMac)?

Check out Jen's Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!

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Claire's Mom said...

I love reading your blog...what a great Mommy you are. Want to set up a playdate?

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