Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It might be a crazy life

but it's my life. (a la Jon & Kate show...pray for them!)

In the past few days...

~spent an hour trying to download "Pharaoh Pharoah" for the girls (their new favorite song). Had to talk to Amazon tech support in India for some assistance and I finally got it loaded. They dance to this ALL DAY LONG. It was the tap routine that some of MC's friends were in.

~allowed the little ones to run around the physical therapy office like wild indians. That will (hopefully) be MC's last day of PT. She has come a long way, thanks to Miss Carrie!

~took a picture of a mini potty chair in Kohl's because it was so cute...I wish more public restrooms would be kid-friendly. My kids can rarely reach the sinks until age 5 or so...and small kids are the ones who really need washed hands!!!

~Steven made me take a picture of this car on the road. Anyone know what it is?

~went to Fr. Matthias' farewell mass and reception. Mary Clare wondered why most of the people had brown skin there (he's Nigerian) and Ellie was very curious about the headpieces of the African women. It was a beautiful time and such an example to me of the universality of the Catholic Church. The prayers of the faithful were in various languages. This is a typical Fr. Matthias face. We're going to miss him!

~Reminding myself: do not take children clothes shopping, especially for bathing suits, and even if you have your mom along. Children will turn Sears' fitting room into a wild screaming playground. It was bad. Real bad. Thankfully I found what I was looking for there, which was only my 2nd store to try! I didn't learn my lesson and took them to Target tonight. Baby was screaming like a banshee in the cart so I had to let him out. Which meant I had to chase him down at least 10 times. When will I learn???

~Also reminding myself: SJ is usually happy as long as he is holding some kind of ball.

~And another reminder: massive amounts of blood in a child's mouth likely means he has bitten his tongue. Badly. And it was not my child. Don't be fooled into thinking that the Children's Museum is safer for 4 young children than a park. It may be cooler, but you will start sweating profusely in situations like this. Thankfully I had 2 friends (one with a dr-husband) and a museum director there to help me.

~While talking about twin vs queen vs king mattresses
MC: "So king mattresses are the biggest in the entire world?"
Ellie: "No, JESUS is the biggest people in the entire world."

~And my final reminder to self: going to bed AFTER 1:00AM will make getting up for swim practice VERY difficult. And then driving several hours with a (likely) screaming toddler SUPER difficult (hopefully I'm wrong).

We're off to the beach! "See" you soon!


Bill said...

The car is a Spyker C8 Laviolette; manufactured by a small, exclusive Dutch racing firm that resurected the name of a long bygone company. They recently placed 5th at the Le Mans. It retails for a cool $180K - $225K depending if you want a roof or not.

Melissa said...

What a blessedly full life!

And isn't the Kohl's family restroom just the best?! I love that I can take ALL the kids in there, stroller included, and multiple children can "go" at once. It's brilliant! Kudos to Kohl's! :)

Neen said...

Anyone know where you can get a "Jesus" sized mattress? The king just isn't big enough for my husband, myself and the various children that join us on any given night.

Lerin said...

I can't try on clothes with my kids... I get so sweaty and flustered, nothing looks good! LOL They know Mommy won't run oafter them half-naked. It is a mess.

Melissa D. said...

Amen about child sized potties and sinks for hand washing!

JulieC said...

I'm right there with you on shopping with kids, but it's because I should know not to trust their judgement. Mommies are always beautiful, right. I was so excited to wear my new dress to Mass last Sunday and during the sharing of peace, the woman behind me leaned over and whispered into my ear "When's the baby due?" I thought, ok, this dress is being donated and I will never rely on a 6 year old's opinion anymore. LOL! Have fun at the beach!

Jill said...

Although Henry is pretty good in the grocery store (partly because he sits in the cart and I open up packages of food and let him eat!), but when I get to the produce section he goes nuts. He sees all of the melons, berries, oranges, etc. and starts yelling, "Balls! Balls! Balls!" and tries to reach out of the cart and grab any of them and try to throw them. It's so funny. Boys- yes, always happy with a ball in hand...but always a bit dangerous!

Great pics and recap. I love that you had your camera in Kohls and took a photo of a toilet! Something I would do that my husband would just laugh and sigh at. :)

Kimberly said...

Very and clothes shopping do not mix. I'm sorry it was so hectic for you Blair!

I am fortunate that my kids behave pretty well when we are out...I remind them of the "rules," 1) Stay with me 2) Don't touch anything, and 3) Don't ask for anything b/c Mommy will say NO. And I take away what they love most, TV/computer if they act up.

When the kids are a bit older, it will get better, I promise!

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