Friday, June 12, 2009

Diving In!

(Awesome photo of Mary Clare at her swim meet last weekend, courtesy of my dad, and high resolution so you can actually click to see it big! We'll be missing swim events this weekend because...)

Starting tomorrow we have no less than:
1 physical therapy session
2 birthday parties and presents to purchase
1 special date for Ellie (during one of the parties)
1 farewell mass and reception for our beloved priest friend
1 dance recital
4 ballet slippers that need ribbons sewn on
1 room full of baskets of clean clothes that must be cleaned up for:
at least 3 overnight guests
1 Sunday mass
and preparations for 3 fun nights at the beach next week!

I better dive into bed so I can prepare for this leg of the race :-) Today's 5+ hour dress rehearsal has done me in. Have a great weekend, everyone!


candyspirit said...

Love the high resolution of that great dive! You all are busier than busy!!!
Ne Ne

Colleen said...

What a cool shot! I hope your busy weekend goes well!

Melissa D. said...

awesome pic of mary claire. great form on the dive too! :)

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