Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dancing for Joy!

what a beautiful weekend we had, filled with family and friends and fun! i'll post other pictures later, but will start with the highlight of the weekend,
"Deliver Us" ballet show 2009

dress rehearsal
the girls love to watch the other dancers!

ellie's class performed as little lambs,
halfway through the teacher passed out little stuffed lambs for them to dance with!
they were positively adorable.
here she is doing her side gallops!

on stage for the finale practice with her classmates

mary clare was a hebrew child
here she is practicing the finale

on the big night, no cameras allowed during the performance,
but here they are with cousin E after the show!

and with their brother the wild child who didn't last in the auditorium more than a minute at a time. daddy and i had quite an interesting night! 3 grandparents came too but unfortunately i didn't get photos of any of them. we were so happy to share the evening with them, though!

ellie plie-ing!

mary clare, so proud

ellie with her teacher

and mary clare with her teacher

and after finally leaving the theater at 10pm, we had our first slumber party with Cousin E and Grampatti. a great time!

we are so proud of our little ballerinas! they worked very hard and had so much fun this year! what i love the most is how this studio encourages the children to dance for the Lord! their talents, the beautiful show telling the story of moses...all to glorify our great God!

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Neen said...

Wow they look so beautiful!

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