Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Fun!

We had a toothless Tooth Fairy, a Princess, and a sweet baby lion cub :)

Hope you all had a fun night too!


Neen said...

We had a to visit the Dr yesterday, I was so sad to miss the BOL visit to the nursing home. I am glad it went well. Your kiddos are adorable in both their outfits. I love your new header. It is adorable.

Catherine said...

Wow--two costumes for each child!! I am impressed! Especially since I didn't do any costumes this year. :)

Lerin said...

You have such adorable children. :)

Kimberly said... cute!

Blair said...

Thanks, friends! I had fun putting together the costumes, and spending only a couple dollars to let the girls make their crowns and paint the wooden "wands" which I put a stuffed tooth and star on. All the leotards, skirts, and fairy accessories were in the costume bin...and Stevie's adorable lion costume was a hand-me-down from someone...don't know who but thanks to either Paige or Cynthia!

I'll put up some beach pictures soon. We had a fun trip there today and are looking forward to the All Saints' Party tomorrow

candyspirit said...

Tu Tu beautiful! and the baby lion is just as sweet as can be!!!

Love, Ne Ne

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