Wednesday, November 05, 2008

All Saints' Celebration!

Welcome to our homeschool group's All Saints' Party! I have had several people ask about how this party works. It's mostly due to the generosity of the O family coordinating it and letting us have it at their picturesque ranch. This year was a bittersweet celebration, being the first event out there since they lost their 17 year-old son Hayden in a swimming accident this summer. May God continue to bless their family as they grieve. And may his soul rest in peace.

So welcome to the tour....

First we have a nice picture of Steven holding mini-St. Francis of Assisi.
Isn't it a great picture of him (the daddy that is :)

Now the saint parade begins. We see Our Lady heading up the parade,
pulling the popemobile!

St. Elizabeth of Hungary with her basket,
and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in the black shirt


Coming around the bend

Ellie with her "knight", her best buddy St. George!

Now the games begin!
This is the "Cake Walk of Saints"

"St. Martha's Bake Shoppe" where they iced and decorated cookies

David & Goliath ball toss

St. Therese's Shower of Roses toss

Queen Mary's Halo Toss

All Saints' Bingo

St. Peter's Fishing Boat

St. Paul's Missionary Journey

Knock Down the 7 Deadly Sins

Not pictured were: St. Thomas Aquinas Trivia,
Pope John Paul Face Painting, St. Isadore's Horseshoe Toss,
Pin the Mitre on St. Patrick, Blessed Kateri's Stone Rosary,
St. Francis Nature Craft, and St. Anthony's Item Search.

I love this picture of Ellie swinging.
This is where Mary Clare fell off and lost her tooth!

And a bonus picture of our gorgeous Goddaughter!

Hope you enjoyed the tour! And I ask for prayers for a special intention for Steven today...thanks!

God bless our new country and new President-Elect.


Neen said...

Wow those are great! I was so sad to miss that event and so happy to hear that it went well! I love seeing all those saints!

Kimberly said...

Awesome, that looks like so much fun!

Amy Parris said...

What a great and creative celebration. I wish my son's preschool (at the Catholic Church) had done something like this.

Maura said...

What a great All Saints Day celebration! It sure makes me wish we had more of a homeschool community around here, but I guess that's what you get living in rural Idaho! I'm always taking notes, though, on nice places to move to in Texas! ;)

Your family is beautiful... I enjoy checking in when I have a moment! God bless you!

B-Mama said...

What an awesome event!! I'm going to forward your description to more Catholic homeschooling friends of mine, who will be blown away by such an amazing celebration! Something to which to aspire!! Blessings...

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