Monday, November 03, 2008

Beach Beauty

(warning: many beautiful pictures ahead ;)

Fishing Daddy

Sweet Sisters

Toothless Grin

Skipping with her shadow


Bye Bye sandcastle
Fun with shells

Mr. Wonderful

Loving this beach place!

Daddy out fishing while girls are playing


Sweet sandy sisters

Me and my crew


And some effects from Ike

Crane lifts boat off the highway

We can't wait to go back again! A great time of the year for the beach! It was kind of bittersweet to enjoy the beautiful seaside, while those all around were working to clean up the mess left over from Ike. So many homes were damaged, debris lined the roadways, and there were still stray boats everywhere. My prayers continue to be with those residents of Galveston and those who help with the aftermath of the hurricane. God bless them.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Blair!!! Your family is soooo beautiful --inside and out! Don't times like this make you feel like the luckiest person on earth? That's some excellent photography ...of some lovely subjects! You should frame these into a photo collage frame for your wall.

Colleen said...

You weren't kidding, these pictures are gorgeous! I think my favorite, though, is Mr. Wonderful. He's a doll!

Melissa said...

Blair, these photos are stunning!!! Of course, with such beautiful subjects, it would be sort of hard to go wrong. :)

Looks like an absolutely lovely time!

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