Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Visiting Family!

My aunt Marilyn (aka Mrs. Santa Claus) came with presents for all!

Their first Cabbage Patch babies that aren't hand-me-downs from my childhood!

Thanks, Aunt Marilyn!

Looking at NeNe's wedding album

New swimsuits!

We finally met our niece Addison yesterday! They are visiting from California where my brother is stationed with the Navy. Here's Mary Clare with Stevie and Allison with Addison eating at our favorite Sunday eatery on the Waterway...

Super big sis!

NeNe with 2 of her grandgirls :)

Sweet Sisters

Brice (my brother) with Addison and Steven squared! I can't believe my brother is a daddy!

Tomorrow my cousin and her two girls come into town and then Tuesday is the big Baptism Day for Addison! Should be a fun family week!


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Stephanie said...

That picture of MC with SJ Jr is so cute!!!

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