Monday, June 02, 2008

Foto Frustrations

So I think I mentioned that our camera is lost. And if you haven't noticed, we lose things a lot around here. A few weeks ago, it was the wallet, found by a kind stranger in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Today I locked the keys in the car while spending about 2 hours at Wal-Mart (Maybe I need to stay away from Wally World?). My heart was racing as we walked to the car with all the groceries and I was warning the girls that we might not be able to get in the car. Thanks be to God--the sliding door didn't lock and we found the keys on the floor, right where Ellie dropped them after taking them away from Steven Joseph! I'd given the keys to him to play with while I put on the Moby wrap...bad idea.

So anyway, my camera is missing and I'm hopeful that Ellie has stashed it somewhere around the house. But I'm also eying some nice new expensive cameras that we can't afford. Thankfully my parents had a camera at the dance recital. But I was really missing my Easyshare yesterday when we had another wonderful lunch on the waterway, complete with live music! I told Steven to go request a song...but who would we request? Of course he answered Johnny Cash. The guy was talking all about my little dancing princesses and then said he'd sing a song for them. What was it? "Ring of Fire!" And Steven hadn't even requested Johnny Cash yet! We got a great laugh. They also sang some songs for my parents. We'll be headed back there for lunch on Father's Day...hopefully with my camera!!!

So I would've loved to have had some photos and video of the girls dancing. And I would've loved even more to have had the camera last night at the lake when we gave a farewell to some friends moving out of state. The kids swam their hearts out and we ended the night with a BANG (fireworks)! Oh and today was Mary Clare's 2nd "Little Miss Manners" class. One of the homeschool moms is teaching this class at her house. The kids were so precious I would've loved to have had pictures of all the little girls in their finest dresses sitting for tea! Speaking of fineries, I also found a great deal on my online classifieds for 5 beautiful skirts for $10! I'd like to get a picture of those too. Ah, and my co-sleeping children...they're just so cute these days, even if they keep our bed way too crowded! One of these days I'll get a picture of one of my favorite times of the quiet night with the kids and hubby all cuddled up snoring :)

But alas, I've had to recount these days in words. And I'm up one minute past my bedtime! I'm trying to do better with my schedule and prayer this week. We'll see how I do! I was proud to accomplish this Monday...morning baths, the manners class, Wal-Mart fiasco, laundry washing (not folding), dishes, dinner, new chore charts for the girls, set-up of new backyard baby pool and sprinkler, several pages of 100 Easy Lessons with MC (I found a way to motivate her), starting a work project for my parents, and this long blog post. Good night!


Neen said...

Nice post even with out the pics. You do a great job of building the picture with words. Hey did you know that 100 easy lessons has handwriting pages that you can print to go with it off the Donna Young web site? If you don't have it let me know and I can forward a link.

Jill said...

Aslynn would love a "Little Miss Manners" class. Actually, I'm surprised she hasn't started one with her three brothers as the students! ;)
Sorry about the camera. Maybe Judith has it?

Anonymous said...

We should have a great day today.

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