Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Happy Sight

Thank you, HEB.
And after that there was another happy sight...a regular shopping cart (not a giant "car" cart) with 2 spaces up front for tired girls to sit after an exhausting jaunt to the library!
And thank you, Jackie, my friend who let me know that magazines are only 10 cents at the library! Woohoo! Some mommy magazines for me :)

Signed, a happy mama


Lindsey said...

Yes, I LOVE those "customer with child" spots. We have a ton at my store. I use them liberally, too. When I was 38 weeks pregnant and on a run to the store without my kids (a real rare event!) I went ahead and used one...because I was definitely "with child," in a different way! I didn't feel guilty about it at all (I guess some picky people might argue that it is not a maternity spot) but at that moment, I don't think anyone would have called me on it. I was huge!!! LOL

I ***LOVE*** HEB. I just finished filling out the boys' Summer Reading Logs to mail off to HEB for free t-shirts for them. They are so awesome about kid involvement there!

Lerin said...

Hooray for special parking places for moms! :)

B-Mama said...

Love mom perks! There should be more of them, including more double shopping carts. We adore those as well!!

Lindsey said...

Are shopping carts hard to come by at your store? All our "regular" carts are the big kind with 2 seats up front. There is also a gaggle of the car carts but I say no to them now because there is less room in the basket and the boys always end up standing up and "driving" like maniacs. We also have those little handy half-carts (not kid-sized mini carts) which are great if you take one child to the store to just pick up a few things. My 3 year old loves pushing it for me.

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