Monday, March 31, 2008

Reminded me

of this post on Danielle Bean's blog.

And we should wemember to pway for Jesus because he be died and went to Heaven.

My current favorite Ellie-isms:
"I got fwocs (crocs) from Easter"
"When we'll go to Easter again?" (referring to egg hunts!)
"We going to a party for my but-date?" (I just love the way she says birthday!)
"Mommy, when it be my 'cital?" (recital)
"It doesn't work" or "Maybe my potty's working!" in the bathroom
and always in true 2 year-old fashion..."IIIIII do it!"
She also does a hop-step on one foot while walking when she's excited about where she's going. It's so cute!

Her first braided pigtails

Her first drawing of people!

And the first time to write her name! I love all the extra lines on the Es!


Colleen said...

Elizabeth does the same thing with her E's. Fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

Very cute :)

Julia said...

Toddler talk is the best! Dominic keeps telling me "mama, we need to go to the doctor to hear baby's heart-beep!" it's so cute!

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