Monday, March 03, 2008

Family Resemblance

I've really been noticing how much Steven Joseph looks like the girls did at this age. Here are 3 pictures of all of them at about 8-9 weeks.

Mary Clare at 8 weeks

Ellie at 9 weeks

SJ at 9 weeks


Megan said...

Wow! They really do all look alike!

Megan said...

And they are all cute!

candyspirit said...

Well line the 3 up and it's like having triplets - 2 sweet girls and 1 handsome boy!!! I love the cub boy and the garden idea is such a fun thing! Miss you all - still coughing a little tonight sore side back but better. busy day here - hope to hear from Allison on How Addison's Dr. appt went!
Love, NeNe & Pa Pa

Julia said...

I was thinking how much he looks like Ellie especially, wow! How fun to watch them grow!!!!! :) :) :) They are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Blaire,

Long time since we've talked! Congrats on Joseph! He's so beautiful! Yup! They all look alike!

Emily Crawford (Hudson)

Andrea said...

Woah! You are totally right! They are so cute!

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